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Salt Print Masterworks: 1840s-1850s
Curated by
Contemporary Works / Vintage Works, Ltd.
258 Inverness Circle
Chalfont,Pennsylvania   18914   USA
Contact: Alex Novak and Marthe Smith
Email: info@vintageworks.net
Phone: +1-215-822-5662
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Images 1 to 14 of 35 images in the Special Exhibit.

Alinari Brothers - The Arno River, Florence, Italy
Alinari Brothers

Anderson - Piazza del Popolo, Rome

Anderson - Temple of Vesta, Rome

Anonymous - Three Pifferari

Anonymous (probably Jesse Whitehurst Studio) - Members of the Whitehurst Photography Studio
Anonymous (probably Jesse Whitehurst Studio)

Baldus - Construction of a Viaduct on Rail Line of Chemin de Fer Paris-Marseille

Baldus - Pavillon Richelieu and Pavillon Turgot, Louvre, Paris

Baldus - View of Perigueux, France, with Shadow of Photographer and His Camera

Bisson Freres - Cathedrale d'Amiens
Bisson Freres

Bonaldi & Tarreghetta - Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy
Bonaldi & Tarreghetta

De Clercq - Discovery of Votive Statues in the Cypro-classical Center of Cyprus, September 1859
De Clercq

De Launay - Detail of the Alhambra, Granada, Spain
De Launay

De Launay - Mosque, Algiers
De Launay

De Launay - View of the Alhambra, Great Courtyard in Front of Ambassador's Hall
De Launay

Images 1 to 14 of 35 images in the Special Exhibit.