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Signed in ink on title fly page. Photos by Stanko Abadžic. Introduction by Zdarvko Zima. Published 2009, MeanderMedia. Softbound book has 127 pages, approximately 100 black-and-white plates. ISBN No. 978-953-7355-50-0. To quote book reviewer Matt Damsker: "Abadžic is Croatia's photo poet, arguably sans peer. When he captures a series of dolls, mannequins and the like in Prague or Zagreb, or handprints on Parisian walls, he suggests a sense of play and abstract delight that can't easily be translated into words. The loneliness of empty tables and chairs in the lengthening evening light is mitigated by the sight of a frothy latte left behind, or by the curlicues of ironwork shadows falling all around. If anything, Abadžic's random sights and humorous still lifes (a carefully composed dinner plate, for example, elegantly outfitted with a seashell and dice, and placed on a cushion of rich fabric) are so luminously exposed, wringing every ounce of shadow-and-lightplay, that they infer color and texture beyond their austere black-and-white dominion. Original, complicated, and busily inhabiting the frame, Abadžic's photography never fails to breathe, inviting us into these mundane and nearly surreal spaces, implying that there is room for us--and for dogs, babies and art--in his brave new Europe."

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Photo Detail - Stanko Abadžic - MARGINALIJE (Signed Copy)
Stanko Abadžic MARGINALIJE (Signed Copy)

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Ref.# 12429

Medium Book

Mount softbound

Photo Date 2009  Print Date 2009

Dimensions 9 x 7-7/8 in. (229 x 200 mm)

Photo Country Croatia

Photographer Country Croatia


Alex Novak and Marthe Smith


Phone +1-215-518-6962


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