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Georgia Engelhard, IV, (1906-1986) was the niece of Alfred Stieglitz. From the age of 12 to 22 she corresponded regularly with Stieglitz, who serve as a confidant to the young woman. Engelhard occasionally posed for Stieglitz, and the uncle honored her with an exhibition at his famous gallery, 291, when she was only ten years old. It is under the tutelage of Stieglitz's wife, Georgia O' Keeffe, that Engelhard matured as a painter. In biographies Engelhard is repeatedly mentioned as O' Keeffe's friend and companion. Georgia minor, as Engelhard was called, served as comic release for the older artist who often found Stieglitz and his family oppressive.

Despite a paralyzing fear of heights, Engelhard became a premier mountain climber at the age of 20 and was the first female climber to ascend many of the peaks in the Canadian Rockies. Engelhard's determination to overcome this specific fear evolved into a passion for the mountains that lasted throughout her lifetime and is made evident in paintings on the subject.

Engelhard was also a writer and an accomplished photographer. In 1938 when she began living with Eaton Cromwell she stopped painting and together the couple pursued photography. While living in Switzerland they sold a number of their pictures to postcard companies. Few of Georgia Engelhard's paintings are in existence today and when one does appear there is often a dispute about whether the canvas comes from O'Keefe's hands or Engelhard's.

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Photo Detail - Alfred Stieglitz - Study Of Georgia Engelhard, IV with Dolls
Alfred Stieglitz Study Of Georgia Engelhard, IV with Dolls

Price $8,500

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Ref.# 13926

Medium Autochrome (stereo)

Mount in glass mount

Photo Date 1910-15  Print Date 1910-15

Dimensions 2.6 x 5 in. (66 x 127 mm)

Photo Country United States (USA)

Photographer Country United States (USA)


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