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Signed (Huene) in ink on the front left of the photograph. Name and date in pencil on verso in unknown hand.Baron George Hoyningen-Huene (September 4, 1900 – September 12, 1968) was a fashion photographer of the 1920s and 1930s. He was born in Russia to Baltic German and American parents and spent his working life in France, England and the United States.During the Russian Revolution, the Hoyningen-Huenes fled to first London, and later Paris. By 1925 George had already worked his way up to chief of photography of the French Vogue where he was mentor to up-and-coming photographers including François Tuefferd. In 1931 he met Horst, the future photographer, who became his lover and frequent model and traveled to England with him that winter. While there, they visited photographer Cecil Beaton, who was working for the British edition of Vogue.In 1935 Hoyningen-Huene moved to New York City where he did most of his work for Harper's Bazaar. He published two art books on Greece and Egypt before relocating to Hollywood, where he earned a living by shooting glamorous portraits for the film industry.Hoyningen-Huene worked in huge studios and with whatever lighting worked best. Beyond fashion, he was a portraitist of Hollywood stars and other celebrities.He also worked in Hollywood in various capacities in the film industry, working closely with George Cukor, notably as special visual and color consultant for the 1954 Judy Garland movie A Star Is Born. He served a similar role for the 1957 film Les Girls, which starred Kay Kendall and Mitzi Gaynor, the Sophia Loren film Heller in Pink Tights, and The Chapman Report.He died at 68 years of age in Los Angeles.His works are held in collections including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Photo Detail - George Hoyningen-Huene - A Study for Vogue
George Hoyningen-Huene A Study for Vogue

Price $2,000

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Ref.# 16229

Medium Silver print

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Photo Date 1930  Print Date 1930

Dimensions 9-9/16 x 7-3/4 in. (244 x 197 mm)

Photo Country France

Photographer Country France


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