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Photographer's information, title and negative number (5880) are reversed out of a strip at the bottom of the image. Taber used the telescope to take pictures of the moon, and sold them.This 36-inch refractor telescope (also known as the Great Lick Refractor) was built at the same time as the Lick Observatory, between 1880 and 1888. The 36 inches refers to the diameter of the refracting lens, which was, at that time, the largest in the world. The observatory was built at an altitude of 1,280 meters and was the world's first permanent mountaintop observatory. Its location provided excellent viewing conditions for years until light pollution from the nearby city of San Jose began to interfere with results. This is the 36-inch refractor telescope that Edward Emerson Barnard used to discover Amalthea, the fifth moon of Jupiter, on September 9, 1892.

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Photo Detail - Isaiah West Taber - The 36-inch Telescope, Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, CA
Isaiah West Taber The 36-inch Telescope, Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, CA

Price $1,250

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Ref.# 14166

Medium Albumen print

Mount on original but split mount

Photo Date 1880s  Print Date 1880s

Dimensions 9-1/4 x 7-9/16 in. (235 x 192 mm)

Photo Country United States (USA)

Photographer Country United States (USA)


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