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Theater scene of the sensually clothed Mrs. Carter holding a dying roman soldier (perhaps her theatrical husband the court fool or the ambitious Kaiso) with painted face, his dented helmut on the ground several yards from the main scene. Photographer's name, studio location (New York), negative number and titles are reversed out of the negative. Byron was born in England in 1846, moved to the U.S., where he specialized in portraits and theater photography, and then died in 1923 (there are several varying sources on the date of his death, but his great grandson confirmed this date to us). He is listed in both the Photography Collector's Guide (Witkin and London) and the Auer & Auer database. Mrs. Leslie Carter was born in 1862 in Louisville, KY, and died in 1937 in Santa Monica, CA. Often called the "American Bernhardt", Mrs. Carter was an international stage star of the "emotional" school of acting. She achieved her greatest fame in a quartet of plays (The Heart of Maryland, Zaza, Du Barry, and Adrea) produced between 1895 and 1905. She initially came to the public eye as a result of a scandalous divorce from her Chicago socialite husband, following which she turned to the stage to make a living.

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Photo Detail - Joseph Byron - Mrs. Leslie Carter in "Adrea"
Joseph Byron Mrs. Leslie Carter in "Adrea"

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Ref.# 5906

Medium Printing-out Paper

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Photo Date 1905c  Print Date 1905c

Dimensions 10 x 13-3/16 in. (254 x 335 mm)

Photo Country United States (USA)

Photographer Country United States (USA)


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