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Two different daguerreotypes in wooden oval frames and brass and paper mats. Probably the sister of the woman in item #6030, which has a label for the photographer on the back and is in identical frames and paper seals; these all came as a group (the two women are obviously related), hence the attribution. Seals are intact and the daguerreotypes are uncleaned.

Pierre Eugene Fixon was a daguerreotypist and photographer who worked in Paris from the 1840s-1870s. His work was exhibited in the 1849 and 1855 expositions. His first studion was at rue Vivienne 33 until about 1870. After that he moved to rue d'Enghien 28.

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Photo Detail - Pierre Eugene Fixon (attributed to) - Portraits of a Man and Wife
Pierre Eugene Fixon (attributed to) Portraits of a Man and Wife

Price $250
Sale Price $175

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Ref.# 6029

Medium Daguerreotypes (1/4 plates)

Mount in original hanging frames

Photo Date 1856c  Print Date 1856c

Dimensions 0 x 0 in. (0 x 0 mm)

Photo Country France

Photographer Country France


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